Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 12.16.24 AMMatt Muirhead is a self-taught screenprinter, luthier, and installation artist living in Baltimore City. He works primarily with homemade silkscreens and prints images that range from monsters, machines, rowhomes, pop culture icons, tentacles, and otherworldly patterns. His life has been full of travel- from a childhood spent on the seaside cliffs of Northern England and emigration to America during adolescence, to his early twenties and thirties living in Chicago, Buffalo, Japan, and finally Baltimore. Living in Japan afforded him the opportunity to travel the globe on the Peaceboat, where he worked to create short films for passengers.

This lifetime of experiencing a multitude of cultures shaped his perspective of the world and he found art to be the most expressive form of sharing his opinions on politics and social norms. Matt’s art never stands still. He has built a collection of over 200 silkscreens and his work ebbs and flows between entirely original, abstract, splattered landscapes and repurposed thrift shop art. He creates 3-D installations that aim to engage his audience in pleasant, thought provoking experiences.

Matt spends an equal amount of time as a musician and has built handmade instruments- primarily kalimba and tamboura- for roughly five years. Each is a work of art in and of itself, and often feature funky screenprinted designs. His music is offbeat and experimental but hinges on the use of electro-acoustic instruments and enjoyable, stripped down rhythm. He and his partner McKenzie, an illustrator and photographer, play in a duo called Canopy.